I wrote a short fiction story for this book about a woman loosing her memory and finding a friend.


If you've been confused with "sister sizes", thought all D cups were the same, or had no luck with online bra "calculators"; this handy zine will teach you the basics you'll need to know to get started on your true, comfortable, beautiful fit. I made this because I wanted the answers.

Taking The Lane Audiozine

Stories from the Taking The Lane series, as read by the authors. Listen to me read my story from Taking The Lane#8 Childhood.

Alive With Vigor: Surviving Your Adventurous Lifestyle

A book by robnoxious that includes many other author's stories dealing with a wide spectrum of DIY healthcare. It has a special focus on queer, youth, and transgendered people's healthcare needs. Read about my ablation!

Taking The Lane #8: Childhood

Zine series edited by Elly Blue with a focus on feminism and bicycling. This volume is a collection of stories about bicycling intercepting with childhood. Read my short story of my first police encounter.

Art in the Street

Audio CD and digital download by musician Jeff Hayes, with the song Wall Beats containing my echoing incoherent spoken words. Some of the lyrics in this album were also written by me including the title track Art in the Street.